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Peru has 90% of the world's Alpaca population, 82% of the Vicuña and 26% of the Llamas. There are about 35 shades of llama wool color, ranging from white to black, showing different shades of gray and brown.


Blood from the vicuna has 14 million red blood cells, making it easy to capture the low oxygen in the air of the highlands.


Alpacas are very clean animals, always using the same area to deposit their feces. Their manure is an excellent fertilizer for plants. South American camelids have hooves with very soft soles which prevents soil erosion. Llamas and Alpacas have a gestation period of about 11 months and only give birth to one offspring. When the camelids are harassed, they turn their ears back and lift the side up as a sign of aggression and attack "toqaspa" (spitting his attacker).